Welcome to my web site.
My name is Russell Brown. I live, with my wife Karen, in Wanganui, New Zealand. Wanganui is a small city on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It is a great place to be an artist, with its vibrant arts community and close proximity to the sea and mountains, and the historic Whanganui River.

For many years I worked as a self-employed tradesperson, before health issues forced me to retrain. Upon attaining an Honours Degree in Computer Graphic Design, I began full-time tutoring while continuing to study at Masters level. When my Masters Degree was completed in December 2007, I felt I’d had enough. Finding myself less interested in spending big chunks of time in front of a computer, I decided to embark on an attempt to make a full-time living from my art.

My creative loves are painting, printmaking, photography and typography. Much of my work incorporates all four. The mixed media pieces do have some basic computer component in the process. More recently I have been enjoying producing woodcuts and abstract painted pieces that have no digital component at all. My approach to art-making is basic – some might say “simplistically naive.” I enjoy expressing a simple appreciation of the things around me, the kind of things we often take for granted.

While un-enthused about the idea of producing “pretty pictures,” I also don’t buy into the “angst = art” mindset. I would like to avoid suffering for my art, if possible, although it does work out that way sometimes. I enjoying inserting tongue-in-cheek humour into my work. In my humble view, there are too many in the art and design world who take themselves way too seriously.

Thanks for your interest in my work,